Mt Ravensbourne Vine Forest

Home, Mt Ravensbourne Vine Forest: sure, and more as posts later, but at the moment this is the blog of one of the many Andy Jenners. ‘Andy Jenner’ is a name I have been conditioned to respond to; I never thought it was ‘me’, any more than a tree thinks it is ‘messmate’, and I have often wondered what, if anything, is the word which refers to me.
There was a time, when I was a little person, I really thought I was Andrew Jenner: then doubt crept in.

No offense to my parents who named me, but an older me thought it would be satisfying to choose my own name, but then, later still, the idea of swapping one meaningless name for another seemed pointless.

A recent Google search confirmed my doubts: there are dozens of Andy Jenners. Under the circumstances, after due consideration, do they all feel like me? Or to put it another way, do we all feel like us?

There is definitely the urge to meet and assemble with all the Andy Jenners, en masse: surely it’s been done before, but perhaps not by Us. We would feel safe and comfortable in each other’s company. Would one A J do another wrong? And there would be no need for introductions, no struggle to remember.

Bound by one name, we would have complete equality. A small tribe of diverse members, with the fancy of actual relatedness. Well, not truly diverse; for that we need to include the Andi Jenners, the Andreas, the Andres, and we shall, agreed? Though there’s no need to fend off extinction: new Andy/Andi Jenners will be joining us regularly, though not their parents. There will be no Bill or Helen Jenners.

So, having had this disconcerting knowledge thrust on me, that my name is not specific, that when, in the street, someone calls ‘Andy Jenner’, there’s no need to look around, it’s probably not me, this realisation colours the introduction to ‘my’ blog, and necessitates the addition of further defining information to narrow the field down from all the dear amigos, the other Andy (and Andi) Jenners on our lovely troubled planet (is anyone reading this crap?), and reduce the tribe to just one, me, myself, whoever that is.
I have a middle name from an unknown grandfather, and he had it from an unrelated person a few generations ago: Lathan. That should separate me from the herd. Or, maybe not.

Hello then, to the other Andrew Lathan Jenners. Well, what d’ya know. Welcome.
In the spirit of hopeful anonymity I write, like we all do, a pseudo-private journal, secreted in full view, hidden by the camoflage of millions of other writings, and identified by a specific arrangement of the alphabet, a code unlikely to be repeated, three groups of six, but not random (except, perhaps, for the ‘n’ of Lathan).

A truly random arrangement I would bet my life on being a singularity. I think.
Anyway, of the overcrowded millions of us here on the sphere, this cypher, Andrew Lathan Jenner, represents me, and whoever I am, this is my blog.

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