Swedish (Haiti?) Ketch ‘Paro’a’

The yacht PARO’A, Swedish ketch design.

Built app. 1960-65 at Rockhampton Queensland Australia.

Superbly constructed of Eungella gum, a ‘double-ender’.

33′ waterline, 40′ o/a, 13 tons, massive lead keel.

Where is she now?  Who built her? What history? Why was she neglected?


I was her owner for nearly ten years of work, freedom and fun, from the early 1980s. After  six months of full-time repairs and restoration (where did I get the time and money?) at the easy-going QCYC, she was the prettiest and most eager boat to sail. Because of her sharp lines and substantial weight, she would keep her way close-hauled in the awful Moreton Bay chop which would drive most craft home after 40 knots.  We once bashed back from Tangalooma with 5 trawlers lined up in our leveled-out wake, on an otherwise deserted bay.


During initial repairs, from the bilge I dug out and removed well over a ton of weird, frighteningly-heavy yellowish-brown caked substance, added for extra ballast: why? What was it? Paro’a lifted 6″ from her water-line and gained 5 knots. Remember this if you read my Land Rover Blog.

Many memories and stories and trips. My best wishes to her and whoever sails her.

June, 2014:  I have been contacted recently by Linus, another owner of Paro’a for many years, who has much interesting information, memories and photographs of the yacht.  He is obviously a sailor of knowledge and practical experience, and has also spent time and energy keeping Paro’a afloat.  With his permission I may include our conversations and pictures on the blog.