There’s one just down the road.

I can tell it’s ACU because of the big new sign out the front.  Or back, in this case, by the car park.  It says ‘Australian Catholic University’: An oxymoron, or at least, a misnomer.

Perhaps, with a small ‘c’, implying ‘universal’ or ‘whole’ education, I would be content to send a child there; but no, the capital ‘C’ refers to a religious institution, where one would be right in thinking there must be certain curbs to the scientific method, and also the inclusion of practices tending to instill superstition, false belief and the ceremonies of one particular sect; practices best kept away from education and locked in monastery or church.

‘Catholic’ does not even include other superstitions, and there are thousands, but is specific to the Roman variety, and is a successful business venture by a very successful clique notable for its pederast priests and child-beating nuns.  I have it from good authority.

As for University, those establishment today are far from being universal, but are available only to the wealthy, or those able to submit to crippling debt.

Furthermore, those having been ground fine by the mill appear to exit clutching degrees but having little knowledge of any matters outside their specific inculcation, not even, in some cases, of their own language.  Again, ‘University’ is a sad misrepresentation of the teaching offered.

If your child wishes a further education, and can read and write and go to school on its own back legs, that child would expect the truth pending further discovery, a rigorous scientific method, no obfuscation or unverified conclusions, and a broad knowledge of the world, pertaining to, and in addition to the child’s own selected field.

Though a modern university may be a simple fee-charging degree-provider, surely some broad education is a necessary adjunct to any specific course, and surely all superstitious peddling must be banished from within the walls, and preferably from the entire country, to safeguard our sanity, safety, and sentience.

ACU later, ok?